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Finding Gorgeous Glass For My House

When I started renovating my house, I was really amazed with how many different areas needed brand new glass. It was really interesting to realize that several different portions of the house needed to be completely overhauled, and before I knew it, I was talking with glass vendors about how they could help. They walked through the space, talked with me about different options, and then recommended that I head in to see the examples in the warehouse. The samples were absolutely gorgeous, and I knew right away that I needed to invest in some decorative glass. Check out this website for more information on glass products, vendors, and choosing the right options for your home.



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Windshield Damage – Why It's Bad And How To Avoid It

That little chip or crack in your windshield can be more problematic than you might think. The windshield is designed to improve safety within the car. Here, you'll find out why that crack can be so detrimental and how to protect your windshield once you've had it repaired or replaced.

The Dangers of Damaged Windshields

If the windshield is chipped or cracked, you could have decreased visibility, or at the very least, a distraction on the windshield. Night-driving with a damaged windshield can cause light to reflect and really make it hard to see as a car passes in the opposite direction.

Another problem with the windshield damage is that the airbags can cause a damaged windshield to burst when it deploys. Lastly, the windshield is a huge part in the structural integrity of the car. If the windshield is weak, the structural integrity of the rest of the car is weakened.

Tips to Protect the Windshield

First of all, how you drive will play a big role in how often your windshield gets damaged over the years. Don't tailgate the car in front of you. If it's a truck, stay back several car lengths. If you're following a salt truck in the winter – stay back a minimum of five car lengths – the further back you stay, the better. That rock salt really bounces as it hits the road.

Aerodynamics also play a role in how often your windshield is cracked. If you have a vehicle that isn't real aerodynamic, like a Jeep Wrangler, look into applying a protective coating on the windshield. These coatings are meant to reduce the chances of breaks and can be applied at home, but it is best to have a professional apply it to ensure it is even and done right.

Keep your windshield clean. Believe it or not, the dead bugs that are crusted onto the windshield can increase the likelihood of a crack or chip. This is due to the aerodynamics, again. As a rock or debris hits the windshield, the aerodynamics should push it up the glass without issue – but if that debris comes into contact with a crusty old bug stuck to the glass, it could crack.

Talk with your local windshield repair expert to learn more about what you can do to prevent future damage from occurring. Hopefully, the tips above will help you avoid having to call for another windshield repair for a very long time. For more information, contact your local auto glass services today.