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Finding Gorgeous Glass For My House

When I started renovating my house, I was really amazed with how many different areas needed brand new glass. It was really interesting to realize that several different portions of the house needed to be completely overhauled, and before I knew it, I was talking with glass vendors about how they could help. They walked through the space, talked with me about different options, and then recommended that I head in to see the examples in the warehouse. The samples were absolutely gorgeous, and I knew right away that I needed to invest in some decorative glass. Check out this website for more information on glass products, vendors, and choosing the right options for your home.



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Window Repair 101: 4 Hacks For Mending A Wire Screen

Window screens can easily become punctured or torn. Luckily, fixing a screen is easy to do. If your window screen has a puncture or tear, a simple patch kit can help you mend it. If you haven't taken a DIY approach to fixing a screen before, it might sound a little intimidating. But with these four hacks, you can make the repair quick and easy.

1. Wear Protection

This might sound like a simple tip, but it is often overlooked. Wearing protective gear might not seem necessary, but window screens can be very sharp. If you don't wear thick gloves, you could easily cut your fingers. So always wear a pair of thick work gloves when repairing a screen to keep your hands and fingers safe.

2. Use The Right Patch Kit

There are many different types of window screens. If you want your patch to look and function properly, you'll need to use a patch kit that matches your window material. While most window screens are made of fiberglass, some screens may be made of metal, aluminum, or even plastic.

If you don't know what type of material your screens are made of, cut out a small piece of the screen and bring it with you. This can make it much easier to match the material. If you still can't find the right screen patch, it may be easier to simply replace the screen.

3. Get The Right Tension

If you do decide to replace the entire window screen, pay attention to the tension of the screen. If the tension is too loose, the screen will sag. However, if it is too tight the screen siding may buckle under the pressure. So how can you get it right? By using a brick.

Place the brick in the center of the screen while you install it. Once installed, remove the brick. You should have the perfect amount of tension.

4. Know If You Can Fix It

Finally, know whether your screen can even be fixed. While it is possible to fix larger punctures and tears, it's usually not worth it. When it comes to large tears or punctures, it's usually easier to replace it.

If the issue is small, fixing it with a patch kit and tweezers is a good option. Simply follow the instructions on the patch kit. To ensure the kit stays in place, use a dab of superglue.

As you can see, repairing or replacing a window screen is fairly easy. If you wish to take a DIY approach, keep these tricks in mind to ensure a smooth experience. If you would rather not do it yourself, a residential screen repair professional can help.

Contact a company like Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc for more information and assistance.