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Finding Gorgeous Glass For My House

When I started renovating my house, I was really amazed with how many different areas needed brand new glass. It was really interesting to realize that several different portions of the house needed to be completely overhauled, and before I knew it, I was talking with glass vendors about how they could help. They walked through the space, talked with me about different options, and then recommended that I head in to see the examples in the warehouse. The samples were absolutely gorgeous, and I knew right away that I needed to invest in some decorative glass. Check out this website for more information on glass products, vendors, and choosing the right options for your home.



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A Few Of The Benefits You Will Get By Tinting Your Home's Windows

If you are on the fence about spending the money to have your home's windows tinted, you have probably already considered the cost of the tinting versus how much money it will save you on your heating and cooling bills. However, there are other benefits to think about as well. Here are a few more things to go into the "pro" column for getting residential window tinting.

Protect Your Furniture and Rugs

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause your furnishings to fade. You may notice that the back of the couch that sits in front of the window is a different color than the rest of it. These rays can also cause the material to break down. The heat coming in with the rays will also dry out wood furniture or floors, so they become brittle and crack. The fibers in any rugs that are in the path of the rays will also fade and dry out so they break off easier. Window tinting reduces the amount of the rays that make it into your home significantly, protecting things from the damaging rays so you will not have to repair or replace them as often.


It seems that no matter how often you adjust the curtains in a room there is always a glare on the television and/or computer screen. This glare not only makes it impossible to see what it under it on the screen so you may miss something important, it is also harsh on your eyes. Tinted windows prevent all glare so you will not miss who caught the ball or a mistyped number on the income statement you have been creating on your computer for your home business.


Ultraviolet rays cause sunburns. Just because you are sitting in the house does not mean that these rays will not get to your skin and burn it. This can lead to skin cancer. Tinted windows will protect your family from this without having to put on sunscreen while sitting inside to stay out of the sun.

When you are shopping around for residential window tinting, ask about the different colors available. Not only will you receive all the benefits of the tint, you can also make your house look better or more stylish. Of course, you should consider the price, but realize that the different benefits will make them much more cost effective than you had originally thought.