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Finding Gorgeous Glass For My House

When I started renovating my house, I was really amazed with how many different areas needed brand new glass. It was really interesting to realize that several different portions of the house needed to be completely overhauled, and before I knew it, I was talking with glass vendors about how they could help. They walked through the space, talked with me about different options, and then recommended that I head in to see the examples in the warehouse. The samples were absolutely gorgeous, and I knew right away that I needed to invest in some decorative glass. Check out this website for more information on glass products, vendors, and choosing the right options for your home.



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Cracked Or Chipped Windshield? No Problem!

If you have gotten a cracked or chipped windshield while out on the road, you will probably be pretty mad. You may be afraid that it will turn into a huge crack. This could happen if you do not repair it quickly. If the area is a small crack or small chip, you will be able to fix it yourself, saving you time and money. Here are some instructions that you can use to repair your cracked or chipped windshield.

Materials Needed:

  • Pushpin or razor blade
  • Shop vacuum
  • Alcohol
  • Piece of gauze
  • Windshield repair kit
  • Credit card

Clean The Affected Area

You will want to clean the area that is going to be repaired before attempting to add any filler materials to the glass. Place your vehicle in a shaded area so you will be able to see what you are doing without the glare of the glass. Take a pushpin or the edge of a razor blade to scrape out any glass splinters from the affected area. Use a shop vacuum to suck out any remaining debris or glass shards.

Clean your windshield using mild detergent and water. After it dries, use some alcohol on a clean piece of gauze and lightly rub over the area and allow to dry. This will clean the area so that the resin will adhere when applied. It will also remove any streaking.

Filling In The Crack Or Chip

Use the windshield repair kit to fill in the affected area. The kit will include an apparatus that is plastic with a small cup area where the resin will be added. Attached around the cup will be three or four legs with suction cups. Line the cup over the cracked area and use the suction cups to stick to the windshield so the device does not move around. There will be a small pump coming out from the cup. This will be used to pump the resin into the crack. Pour the resin into the reservoir and pump it into the crack. Remove the apparatus from your windshield.

Finishing Touches

Use the finishing film that was provided in the windshield repair kit to smooth the resin into place. Place the finishing film over the resin area and use a credit card to scrape on top of the film to smooth. Peel the film off of the windshield and move your vehicle into a sunny area so that the resin will harden and dry.

If the crack is large or if you need professional assistance, visit an auto glass repair shop like Premiere Glass And Mirror.